Day 29 - Another Dream

Submitted by Bob The Builder on
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It is funny how two nights ago I blogged about dreaming of masturbation because last night I had the opposite kind of sexualized dream. In it I dreamt of the very first girl I dated and by the end of it we were beginning to have sex. While doing so, she gave me a purple condom (crazy, huh?), and while putting it on I started wondering if she would want to participate in Karezza or just have the societally normal version of sex. Right when we started, I felt like I was going to orgasm and then I woke up with a very strong erection. I did not orgasm, nor was there any leakage.

This is actually pretty cool. I have never had a dream where I was having sex, I have never had actual sex in a traditional sense in the waking life, and Karezza is a new interest since reading about it on this site. The the desire for Karezza in my dream is a promising sign that the rewiring has begun. Weirdly enough, the realness of it all was like a step back in time. I have not seen the woman in my dream for several years. I suspect I dream about my exes a lot because I often fantasized about them when stimulating myself for years and years.