Day 74 - Steady Improvement

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Wow, so it has been 74 days of no PMO. I have travelled across the country since I began and now have a job that requires a lot of moving around and being outside (which is awesome, might I add).

Anyways, to start I will note that my digestive woes are being managed and understood a little better. I believe my primary digestive problem consists of not being able to properly digest or handle long-chain carbohydrates (polysaccharides), though there are other things I am avoiding too. All in all, I am avoiding grains, potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples, onions, garlic, or lactose. For a long time I had been avoiding grains but not anything else. This modification has helped tremendously.

Since my job requires a lot of movement, and I am with many peers who like to have fun by moving a lot, I have been very physically active. My energy has increased, the amount of sleep I have needed to healthily function has decreased, and I have been having a lot more erections during the night hours.

I think one of the best results of my coinciding diet and sexual abstinent changes has been what my mind sexually craves. Though I have had no intimate experiences with women since beginning this journey (it will happen soon enough, no worries!), I have had many interactions. What I most notice is that I am no longer craving orgasm. Instead I increasingly find myself wanting to cuddle and simply be in physical contact with women. It is a wonderful craving. It is not nearly as distracting of a craving as craving orgasm.

Also, recently I started chatting with a girl who I had a very open sexual experience with shortly before I began this journey. It has been really refreshing because, for whatever reason, we have started talking a lot about sexuality, sexual health, and all of our many experiences with sex and sexual acts. It is really nice and therapeutic to be able to talk to someone about all of this stuff--especially someone who has shared an intimate experience with me. I think we will both learn a lot if we continue talking.

Lastly, I am just about through "The Brain That Changes Itself". It really is a fascinating read. I love learning about things that help me understand what goes on inside of me. Next on the list: "Cupid's Poisoned Arrow" Wink

Thank you all for contributing to my journey. This website really does help.


hey man

Glad to hear you're doing well. Am I correct in thinking you were the gentleman with some adrenal issues? I think I recommended the supplement DSF to you. Have you tried it? How is your overall health? Congrats on figuring out your dietary issues. Diet is so big. I really think paleo-type diets are massive. If you have time, maybe take a look at the 'warrior diet' by ori hofmekler. has worked really well for me. great job on holding off. keep pushing.


Hey thanks! I did try a similar supplement for awhile and did not notice much of a difference. The more I look into it, the more I think my symptoms might be associated with food I eat. At the time, I used to eat lots of starchy carbs after exercise. I thought my trouble was the exercise, but it seems more and more likely to be the starchy carbs (and grains when I ate them). Since I have cut those out, I have only had one large hiccup, which was when I at three cooked carrots. My body just doesn't digest starches, it is weird. I have been doing variants of the specific carbohydrate/gut and psychology syndrome diets which are very similar to paleo, along with looking at the fodmaps diet which targets trouble spots like fructose, ogliosaccharides, and other things. I have checked out the warrior diet and may try experimenting with it in the future, but the way my job works now, my meal times are set (breakfast, lunch, and dinner [i work residentially with youth]) so I cannot do that. And also, whenever I eat large meals, my symptoms get way worse. I don't think my gut cannot handle it. But maybe in the future!


on your improved health and other happy news. Very impressive. Let us know how things go when you connect with a sweetie. Meanwhile, those candid discussions can be enormously healing for both sexes. Nothing like blaming biology for its share of the heartache.

Brains are fascinating, eh? Hope you like CPA.