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So while reading Cupid's Poisoned Arrow I was extremely pleased to read come across the Rainbow Serpent blurb. Truth be told, about a month ago I dreamt of some very colorful snakes that kept rising up from the ground near me. I knew the dream was extremely symbolic and was blown away to read that indigenous cultures often referred to the rainbow serpent in terms of sexual energy. Rising serpent = taking the sexual energy up into the heart? What a great message to dream of when overcoming a masturbation addiction.



Hi Bob -

Hi Bob -

Another resource on the rainbow snakes is the book, The Cosmic Serpent. The snake does not just refer to kundalini, it also refers to our dna. Through management of sexual kundalini energy, we can literally reprogram our dna. The snake also is a great helper when we are going through any kind of transformation, or journeying from one world to the next (ie, during death, sleeping, and birth).

I think you'd enjoy the book. I was fascinated to learn in it that the symbol is so universal that even cultures that live in regions where there are no snakes (like certain parts of Siberia) still revere the snake and see it in their visions.

Check out the work of Pablo Amaringo. He paints visions from plant medicine journeys, many of which are filled with irridescent rainbow snakes.

In my own visions, I have been helped many times by snakes. I felt little tiny snakes moving their way through the stuck places in my hips, before they came together into a double spiral going up my spine and strengthening it. They then merged into one single snake, which proceeded to devour the entire building along with all the other people visioning in it. I realized, as we sat in the belly of the big mama snake, that we were being held in an interim dimension between waking and dying. I also was confronted head-on by a coiled rattler snake in another vision. It was not about to strike, but its eyes were looking clearly at me, and they were WIDE awake. The snake seemed to be prompting me to keep my eyes open, to stay alert and present, and not blink an eye.

Snakes are great helpers, kindred spirits. We need to reclaim them, women especially, from their demonization. Snakes are associated with the earth and the ability to shed identities, and that is why they have been demonized. They are able to navigate below the earth and above it.

My mother once came across two bull snakes making love. They were intertwined halfway inside their hole, halfway outside it. From between them there was a huge glistening froth that had bubbled up from their love.

Good Book!

Thanks for the reply Bianca, I appreciate the feedback. Also, I have read Narby's "The Cosmic Serpent"! A couple of years ago, actually, and I really enjoyed it. I have had many symbolic dreams since being PMO free over the past 4 months, they have been rather meaningful, it is crazy. It is exciting, too because it aids in motivating me to keep healing myself during this transitionary/transformational period of life.