4 Days In Pointless Update

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Just keeping the nofap train rolling. On I gooooooo.


Hi Marnia, sorry, just saw

Hi Marnia, sorry, just saw your reply. What helps the most is staying OFF the internet.

I try to avoid being online as much as possible (but I've been failing pretty badly lately... it's like my libido is back to what it used to be before I got depressed). Also, it seems that more or less every time I update this thing to brag that I've made progress, I end up failing. I failed just an hour after posting that this blog update.

Anyway, I've signed up for 'No Jizz June.' It's the second day, already horny, but goddammit I HAVE to do this. My birthday's coming up towards the end of this month and if I'm not PMO free by then I'll be extremely disappointed with myself.

Thanks for your message. Best!

It often happens that people

relapse after boasting about their progress. Smile Seems they think it's time to reward themselves for their wonderfulness...by making their task much harder. *chuckle*

Have you tried the RED X recently?

Staying off the Internet is a brilliant idea...because the Internet itself can be addictive, quite apart from the constant temptation.

What other activities do you like? After you list them, turn of the computer and go do one. Smile