Been failing a lot lately

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Crap. Well, I'm going to try again. Just to make it official my last one was on 4rth May. Hope I can manage this time.

I've found that the less you are on the internet in general, the easier it is. I'm going to really try to stay clear of all things online.



the key

is to substitute NEW behaviors and new situations for when you would relapse.

Get out of the house/apartment/dorm when you'd be alone and PMOing.

Meet with friends or colleagues instead.

Take another class, such as salsa dancing or ballroom.

Et cetera.

Have you thought about this?

Yes, you're absolutely right.

Yes, you're absolutely right. The thing is I have so much free time because I'm currently unemployed. I should be getting a job within this month though, fingers crossed. Once that happens things will become a lot easier I'm sure.

My biggest fault is how reversed my sleeping pattern is right now. The thing is it's so hard to fix that when you've got nothing to wake up to. I really hope I get a job soon.

Thanks for your reply man.


but this is called "get busy so you don't sit around and relapse". It's not about work, it's about not being home by yourself with your PC.