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I've got a beard that's coming into the sweet spot right around now, a little over two months in. Longest beard I've ever had, and I'm going to let it run for a while. It's having a good effect on first impressions with people. Subconsciously, it seems like a lot of people find a beard friendly, comforting maybe. Like a mature father instinctual first impression. And it draws attention. I guess subconsciously we like to look at beards when we see them. Because a lot more people are looking at me. I notice it in my subconscious now too. Part of that's because I'm growing a beard, so I'm noticing it more, but part of it is also an instinctual reaction to a secondary sex characteristic.

Among guys, it seems like we are instinctively checking out each others' beards as indicators of masculinity. Like a mini pre-cognitive beard competition. And now I'm getting automatic respect from having joined that competition. Not even "winning"... just joining. People are more friendly, relaxed, and open with somebody they respect, which is making me feel more friendly, relaxed and open. A little research of anecdotes shows that some guys get aggressive at the beard because of this "competition" I guess. I haven't had that happen yet, and apparently it's a vast minority of guys who react like this instead of with respect. Alpha male thing I'm guessing.

Anyway, my point is, I'm on the bottom of the social-sexual heirarchy as a porn addict with very little little sexual experience, and weak social skills. And I know that's my spot at the bottom of the pyramid, so I act the part. I don't expect respect, I don't get much respect. I don't expect notice, I don't get noticed. I don't get approached, or looked at, because I'm like poison for social status. Sometimes I get taken advantage of, or pissed on (figuratively) as other people feel a need to "establish dominance" over the little guy or something. But in the last week or two, people are treating me now more like I'm in the middle of the pack in terms of sexual-social status. And it's definitely the beard. And it definitely makes quitting porn seem easier and more possible. If you have ever felt like you're a beard guy, but haven't done it yet, give it a go.

P.S. I never tried to grow my beard out too far because I always thought it was too sparse, patchy, and wouldn't have enough power to make a full beard. Then I did some internet searches of beard forums, and found out that it takes about 4 months for a beard to become full, meaning that it will have gained most of its thickness at that point, and from that point will mostly grow down farther. I had only ever given it about 2 months. Some of the beard journals I saw online turn into impressive beards at 4 months while starting with less coverage than I have. So if you go for it, give it 4 months at least

I'm looking forward to see more of what effect it has on women. I intentionally avoid a lot of women so my sample size is limited... but one girl randomly said "nice beard" as I was walking by, my only compliment so far. Now, women compliment me out of the blue with a frequency of about once per decade. So either I'm gonna have a rough decade going forward, or the beard's going to be a good opener with women.

In porn news, day 3 without it.


Glad you're enjoying

your new fuzzy status. However, it's possible that your rebooting is making you feel more confident and the beard just seems like the reason. Time will tell. Keep us posted.