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After 13 days clean, I relapsed for about as long. Now I'm back and on day 2. I agreed to dog-sit for my parents while they were on vacation for a month... and there's not much to do here, and the whole environment is an old trigger. So I didn't last long. Time to try again, two days right now.


Welcome back, Bort

If you're still dog-sitting, take the dog out and play! He/she will be so happy and it will remind you of how beautiful life can be. Is there anything as joyful as a dog who is outside to play?

Stay strong and beat your record!

Thanks for responding

It means a lot to me.

Sadly, my dog had terminal cancer and I was providing end of life care for her, just trying to keep her alive until my parents got back. She took a sharp turn for the worse 3 days ago, and by today she was quite a sad sight. My brother and I took her to the vet for euthanization a couple hours ago. It was a sad few days, but I feel relieved now. Dying is the hard part. Death is a release once it has passed. I just hope I did the right thing, and I'll never know. Day 3 today.

Oh man..

That's such sad news. I've been through that myself and it is heartbreaking. So sorry to hear you had to go through that. If the poor dog was so sick and in such pain, of course you did the right thing for her!

Wishing you and your family the best in this sad time, brother.

Sending you

comfort. A few years ago while visiting my sister she asked me to go on one of those "last trip to the vet" runs with her terribly ill cat. Saddest thing.

It'll actually be easier on your parents this way.

*big hug*