Day 5 no pmo

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Good day at work. Its getting easier to create small talk and make jokes. Im still feeling "lovesick" being away from my girlfriend this summer. When im not busy doing something she's all i think about, im not sure if she is feeling the same way or not though. Being away thses thoughts creep in my mind. Not sure if these thoughts are rational or not. I guess i just always think the worst is going to happen for some reason. Anyways havent had any cravings and ive been working out a lot, but i think i need a rest day because ive literally have either ran or lifted everyday and i think its taking its toll on me. Any comments/advice is always appreciated!


As far as she goes,

it's hard on both parties being apart. Just do your best to keep contact warm and loving, and keep your jealousy reined in. Also keep your expectations low while you're apart. Some people are better at communicating in person than in cyberspace. Try not to jump to any conclusions.

In this regard, asking yourself the Four Questions can be really good. See the link on this page:

Step 1 Is it true?

Step 2 Can you absolutely know that it's true?

Step 3 How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?

Who would you be without the thought?

good work and stay strong!

good work and stay strong!

consider varying your workouts so it's not heavy every day. The first week mark has always been tough for me so watch out for cravings and occupy your time with something healthy.

Day 6.. Sort of

So my long distance girlfriend was drunk last night and we facetimed each other and mutually mo'd together. Not sure if this helps or hurts me. As far as today goes its been a great day with no brain fog. I will continue to not mo or pmo unless with my gf.

Day 7/8 so feeling better

Day 7/8 so feeling better socially, however after the night that my long distance girlfriend drunk called and facetimed me i felt great, but i tried to call her last night and she didnt answer or call back and i still havent heard from her which has really put a damper in my mood. I guess ill just wait and hope to hear from her..dont know what else to do.


Not sure what day im on anymore which is good because not pmoing isnt constantly on my mind. My gf eventually called back and apparently her boss at work yelled at her and she was just in a bad mood and disnt feel like talking about it. I found out the weekend i was supposed to visit her she has to work then the following weekend shes going to a wedding. I dont know the next time im going to see her which makes this a lot more difficult. I just want us to make it through the summer then we'll both be back at college together again. Hopefully we can make it. It's going to be a long summer especially because i know my own morals and i would never cheat on her. Im putting a lot of faith and trust in her that she will do the same. With all this time and social media bad thoughts enter your brain like a virus and they spread. You have to have trust though because without that jealousy will eat you alive. Sorry for the long post i just had to get my thoughts down on paper...well you know what i mean haha

Feeling low

My long distance girlfriend didnt talk to me at all yesterday and hasnt responded to my text today..not sure whats going on. If shes going to break up with me i would rather know than this no contact act shes pulling. Havent had any motivation to pmo or anything for that matter. Im just feeling down.

She finally contacted me and

She finally contacted me and we facetimed over the phone. Im going to visit her this weekend. The last time we had sex was a little over 3 weeks ago... Is that bad? If she doesnt initiate anything this weekend im going to assume something is going on.

I think things are finnally

I think things are finnally back to normal with me and my long distance girlfriend. She texted me yesterday and then called me later on. I dont know if she was embarressed the day or two adter she drunk dialed and facetimed me, but after a couple days of her being distant she seems to be back to normal. Im visiting her this weekend and hopefully we'll connect emotionally as well as physically.