48 yrs mild - med ED

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stamina during intercourse floppy. some times had to jerk vigorously to enable penatration, other times just had to give up.
quit porn less than 2 days ago.
wanting to build new pathways, habits. considering viagra.
considering cardio fitness.
considering supplements or natural remedies. was until a recent turnaround in a dead marriage with 4 kids.
now we are back except for my consistant, lasting erections.
while i'm 48 and don't expect it to be like my hearty sexual times of my youth i'm thinking that i'll give up masturbation a try - (i've never gone more than 5 days ever since puberty). quitting porn totally. feeling sure that this is a great idea. i'll report honestly in the future. no shame.if i do masturbate i'm going to see if i can do it on less stimulation - a latex sleeve and lube with no manual stimulation.


you can be better than you were as a teen

the key is to stop porn altogether, stop masturbating if you can, and do a LOT of snuggling and cuddling and hand holding and eye gazing with your wife. I would suggest not doing any manual stimulation. If you have intercourse, that's great, but I wouldn't try to have an orgasm. I'd try to just hang out in her vagina soaking up her wonderfulness. Consider it part of your healing.

The worst thing though is the porn and this includes surfing Facebook, looking at ads on Craiglist, anything where there is a lot of novelty and it isn't real. It takes time for the porn based brain pathways to settle down.

Once you get through this, it is AMAZING how great it can be and you will be having erections spontaneously that go on and on. But keep in mind that a really rigid erection doesn't feel as good as a decent but not rigid erection, and that erections come and go to an extent during intercourse. We have intercourse that may last for an hour or more and my erection doesn't stay in the ultra hard zone, but changes over time, and is better if my wife is more focused. So erections really aren't a solo game after all, which is another factor.



Hope you enjoy your adventure

Rather than force erections, why not try "soft entry?" That will take all the pressure off of Mr. Happy, and you're likely to find that he's more cooperative then ever within weeks. It's also good for some giggles.

This book has a simple description: Tantric Sex For Men, but really all you need is some organic almond (or other oil or lube) and your wife's index and middle finger to "pop 'im in." Then lie still, or almost still, and relax. Think of it as a way to recharge your batteries, effortlessly. (Couples' lubricant suggestions)

Note: Your libido may fluctuate for a bit, not because of soft entry, but because you are making a big change in your habits, and your brain needs time to catch up, that is, become more sensitive to subtler forms of stimulation than visual erotica and vigorous masturation.