What do you do when its hot?

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I live in what is normally a temperate to cool climate. The trouble is that its the middle of summer and hot. At night I perspire, I feel hot, sticky and uncomfortable getting close to my partner. What light karezza can I try that won't be too strenuous or arduous I wonder? Any ideas?



what we do / did

1. Morning sex. 

2. Scissors position or girl kneeling on top. Minimizes area of contact.

3. Cool showers beforehand. Together, if possible.

4. A fan.

5. Window AC in the bedroom < we don't do this in our current house, but had one in our old house.



Who Cares if You Sweat

Ok, we’re sex crazed college students and from an area a lot warmer than you are but really can’t you stand a little sweat? Actually sweaty sex can be hot in more than one sense of the word. Take a shower afterwards if you must. I love seeing sweat all over my girlfriend’s body—maybe I just have a weird kink but I think a lot of other guys like that too.

If the guy’s equipment accommodates it you can do it from the back if the girl bends over and the guy is upright or leaning back a little. That way you only have basically groin to butt contact. The problem for us is that position gets us pretty hot so it gets into dangerous territory if we aren’t careful and go real slow. She likes that position if she can support herself on the back of a chair but it is easy to go over the edge and cum—for both of us.

Try it out and let us know what you think.

Bought a large fan.

Seems to have done the trick. I've put some ice cubes in our glasses of water too. They have other interesting uses too. Makes me shiver just thinking about it.

Thanks for your tips.