math improvements?

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so reading all of the amazing transformations from some of you, has anyone (student) also noticed dramatic understanding of math ability? just better number sense i guess. i am an engineering student, and am currently enrolled in calculus and linear algebra. sometimes my brain just does the stupidest things, essentially brain fog.

any improvements with number sense? studying i can look forward to?


Who knows?

However, guys very often report improved concentration, memory and mental clarity and that makes perfect sense given the neurochemical changes going on.

We're working on a post on this now. It's called "Men, Mojo and Masturbation." We hope to publish it tomorrow on Psychology Today. We'll see.

General clarity, absolutely...math, not so sure

Not that math was ever my favorite subject, which is really ironic given how much of my job depends on it. But now that you mention it, I just realized that perhaps the reason/timing of one of my rare mathematical insights/moments of understanding was the day I had an epiphany that entailed understanding WHY any number to the zero power equals one. Had it, lost it, never been able to get it back. Now I'm trying to remember if that was just before I learned how to masturbate.

Dont know if...

..."dramatic understanding of math ability" but definitely what Marnia said.

Im more productive than ever in my life and as a musician my compositions are getting better and better every day. Im going to study engineering next year so I cant tell you how it affects my logical thinking yet.

I think...

About 6 month since I stopped PMO. I was checking my recordings and the ones dated June are definitely much better than the previous ones (I stopped around January). Not only im composing better but also I can do it all in my head now. Guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, even orchestra I just imagine it without the need to play an instrument, which is what I needed to do before, and I remember everything afterwards so it is not necessary to record everything anymore.I

*big smile*

Honestly, I found your post really inspiring, whatever your taste in music. We humans have so much untapped potential just now, and it's very cool that you guys are tapping it.