15 days

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Just a brief update to let you know that I made it to day 15th. The cravings are there. I realize that I have become very sensitized, and that remembering some hardcore stuff I used to watch is beginning to gross me out. I think I used to block me out completely to give in to my addiction and that this block may have something to do with the total block/depersonalization/lack of feelings I'm experiencing now. I'm not quite proud of my two weeks PMO free since now I lack willpower or the sense of achievement due to depression. It's not that I'm feeling blue, it's more like I'm not there at all and I can't recognize my previous me. Anyway, I don't think you can shake off depression from you like that and I must go through the process. In two weeks I'll go to Italy for one week and that will easily make for a month and a week PMO free. I think I can do it easily.