Day 6

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Still not near 100% but starting to feel some energy return and now (I don't know if anyone else can relate to this) my body feels more warm.... It's something I've noticed in previous periods of stopping. I used to think that my extremities were 'naturally' cold - my girlfriend is often surprised how cold my hands get - but there's definitely a better circulation of heat / energy as my body starts to rest and recover from depletion.

In the past sometimes it's been like turning on a light switch - an immediate and distinct sensation of my body now better able to heat itself. In general I think everything - sex, body, organs, skin, emotions, thoughts etc is so much more connected than I usually think. Much more delicate balance.

Mind is still fuzzy and concentration still weak, however. There is a website ('Dr Lawrence Wilson') that recommends eating red meat every day for a few months to assist recovery in this kind of depletion. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has tried that.



I heard that some tantra

lore recommends eating red meat for libido. Who knows?

Interesting to hear about the warmer extremities. One of the things "flatline" guys report is cold penis. Recently I listened to a doctor's talk about how oxytocin heats up women's ears and limbs. Maybe vasopressin (associated with male mating behaviors and aggression) is low in guys who are going through the withdrawal phase. So much to learn.