Week 4

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Things have been a bit subdued over here. Last week my brain was all over the place and I felt lethargic. It really is a total pain in the ass to wake up not feeling totally refreshed. However, I know it's a waiting game as the brain rights itself. I also tightened up all my blocking measures on the mobile and laptop. I felt a sense of relief when done.

It's going to take a determined effort involving calls to people for passwords, etc, to get at that material again. And laying off the alcohol helps a great deal.

Now I'm starting to feel better, more energetic and mentally clearer already. But may have made a tactical error over the weekend - had an entire day of lounging with my girlfriend, lots of bonding behaviours, etc, and I thought it would be good to have lots of skin on skin contact to facilitate a more rapid rebalancing.... well, one thing led to another. My self control is not resolute. So we had sex and the result was a really weak orgasm and a crushing headache the next day and more mental fogginess which is only now starting to disperse.

Clearly my sexual system needs a proper rest.