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God this has always been a big part of the reboot for me. I almost always feel the anxiety like I've got 100 red lasers on my forehead. Everyone is a potential enemy and honestly I feel a little terrified of the world outside my home. Watching the news, I saw a story of a guy getting jumped and robbed in my borough and it's like wooooow. That can easily happen to me. My girlfriend sees it too, exclaims a bit, then she's ready to go to the supermarket for ice cream and soda... I'm sitting there thinking: Are you mad?!!? The world has gone nuts, but I seem to be the one who is actually scared. Shit...
I do know that high dopamine leads to anxiety and aggressive behavior. I found myself eyeballing people out of sheer suspicion, and where I live, you can't stare people in their eye for too long before you're asking to fight. Is anyone else feeling this anxiety?


O yea definitely bro.

O yea definitely bro.

Thats why I haven't watched the news in four years.

Not one time. If someone is watching it, I politely excuse myself and walk out the room.

And yea, I experience the same thing with men always in the beginning of the reboot.

It can be really tough. You want to fight everyone, everyone seems like your enemy, if they avoid eye contact I find them to be super suspicious, etc etc

Like the above poster said, we are recovering from shocks in our system.

Plus, I think its our alphaness re awakening. Stepping out of the fantasy world and into the real world where we can claim our thrones as leaders. But first we have to do surveillance while at the same time break out of old useless beta behaviors. I honestly believe that anxiety was always there. Now its being brought to our awareness. Its a tough pill to swallow but its so worth it in the long run.

So in conclusion, dam skippy I get those anxiety attacks (especially around men) in the beginning but they always pass because I power up!

We are just evolving! Lets rise to the challenge comrade!

You sure know how to get a bro fired up!

It's really nice to know I'm not the only one. I mean I have friends who seem so calm and mostly happy go lucky, but they watch porn! It's like, you're not confident if you can't see reality for what it really is. Like that allegory of the cave from Plato. You guys are right about this. All this is is me snapping out of the mini daydream bought upon by the porn pill. All is well... Thanks you guys, seriously.

Yep and I've busted 5 o s yesterday

I am planning on going on a day trip and working out and meditating heavily for the next two weeks as well as using the red x technique to bring my alpha back. For the two months that I had given up pmo I was alpha as fucc. I want to regain that. And yes when I hadn't masyurbated watched porn or orgasmed i would be more alert more suspicious more alpha! Come on men lets get back to where we need to be. There are even women complaining nowadays that men are not as alpha.