Karezza day 3: Question for the women, and maybe even men?

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So this morning was the third time we had sex, and miraculously, she initiated. that's something she never really does so blatantly. I was just kissing her all over while she was watching something, and she asked me to carry her upstairs for love time as she called it.LMAO That's just wow.
Well my question comes from this observation that when I speed up, she gets louder. I usually like to go fast and powerful for maybe 5 seconds before I slow down back to slow and tender. My question is: Does louder mean that she is enjoying more? I mean aside from the fact that some girls like to fake it because my girl would never fake anything. I notice when I go slow, she's like just blissed out with a dorky smile on her face, but when I speed up, I see more expression and hear more too. Maybe I'm still too goal oriented? I just want her to have the best possible sex. For my pride.



Didn't you tell me

she "likes it when you orgasm?" It's the same thing for women as for men. We've evolved to "like it" when we and our mates engage in fertilization behavior. How convenient. Kiss 3

I finally decided that, for me, it was kind of an empty reason to stay with sex that pushes my partner and me apart emotionally. But I had to hit my head on the same brick wall repeatedly before I concluded that. Wacko

It's your choice, and as you experiment you'll figure out your personal priorities.

We're primates?

Here's one person's theory:http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/sex-dawn/201001/women-in-bed-whats-all-the-noise-about-part-ii (I've read Sex at Dawn, but I do not agree with all of his conclusions - and he's an jerk when people disagree with him. ) 

Here's the wikipeda article (short)  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_copulatory_vocalization

I think at this point, it's just theories as to why we do it.  It's obvious that a lot of us both make noise and enjoy our partner's orgasm. I do, and still do, when they happen.  Humans in general like it when they feel they've 'done a good job', and it doesn't matter if that's mowing the lawn, making a great dinner, or giving our partners a jolly good romp in the sack. 

The noise making thing is the reason I don't get therapeutic massages, I would make moan-y noises if I did. Blush

And that reminds me of something old and funny:



yep, still too goal oriented

but if you continue Karezza that will change. 

I make noises all the time, and it just seems to be what I do. My partner does not make so many noises. Who knows why.

I would slow down though. Slow down and be still quite a lot. That's the most rewarding I have found.

Also, weirdly, it's when I really focus on myself that I think is the most rewarding time for my partner. Focusing on myself meaning turning my attention onto my perineum area and keeping my attention there...

and one more thing

it's wonderful she initiated. The more space you give her perhaps the more she initiates. That's the way it sometimes works. Took me time to learn that one.

Karezza makes sex more continuous with other parts of life rather than a time-out from the rest of life. It is a simple transition from just being together, to a bit of snuggle and kissing, to Karezza...especially because it is more gentle, doesn't involve ejaculation that has to be dealt with somehow, doesn't make you or your partner sore, and is just so rewarding.