Karezza Night 1: Whoa okay

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Well tonight was the first night we tried had sex without the orgasm. We have in the past always hugged and kissed tenderly during sex, but we stuck mainly to slow sensual sex tonight. I don't feel like I thought I'd feel really. I actually felt satisfied physically after we finished, but at the same time, I can still go more... I felt a surge of passion afterwards and I continued to play with her breasts until she said she could have an orgasm soon if I continued.
I already like this way more because I feel satisfied, but I don't feel light-headed, dizzy or somewhat misplaced like I usually do after sex. How could I forget the biggest difference: I'm not fatigued or sore at all. This is perfect for me right now because I feel I need to lay off the orgasm for a while to regain some balance after that last relapse. We hugged and kissed more after the fact when normally she just wants to watch her favorite shows on her ipad after we're done. lol
I don't know if this is too good to be true, but I can't wait to see what happens in the coming weeks.
Thanks Marnia.



well it's important NOT to have expectations

In a way, expectations are the opposite of Karezza.

Karezza is about the moment and dwelling where you are right there right now. Expectations are about going somewhere which is "orgasm" thinking.

I would think however that this is a great start! It sounds like you really enjoyed it and so did your honey, so that's great. Just fantastic.

I always feel like I can go much longer no matter how long we spend in intercourse. I can go again, I am always ready, and I feel wonderful afterwards but it's all like one continuous journey.

Even non-sexual touch can feel like a continuation of the journey. It just never ends, whether you are in bed or out of bed.


It all feels too easy

I'm amazed by it. We did it again this morning and again I felt satisfied without orgasm even though I came pretty close a few times. There was a lot of giggling and joking around during the sex that reminded me of the first few times that we had sex. So carefree and lighthearted. Somewhere along the way it became more about "Are you done?"

Very happy for you two. Now

Very happy for you two. Now the question becomes, just how much bliss can you handle? How much love can you soak it up? I'll imagine you as a sponge. Sometimes you gotta get big to contain so much juiciness. As I've mentioned in some previous posts as Hotspring, there have been moments when my lover's penis was so huge it was penetrating my third eye! That's because I was able to let him in that far, of course. Gentleness is absolutely key in allowing women to be TRULY receptive. Without that deepfelt receptivity on the woman's side, men don't have a chance to see how big their dicks truly are. And what makes a woman receptive to a man is his kindheartedness, expressed lovingly through his penis. So any men out there who want the biggest dick in the Kosmos need to realize they need only develop the biggest Heart, and it's a go. Simple, really. It works.

Thank YOU for choosing this way!

I don't know yet for sure.

My girlfriend always tells me that she likes fast thrusts just as much as slow and tender thrusts. But I definitely agree with you that she is waaaay more receptive when I'm more sensitive to her. She feels my passion and responds to it. That's another reason why rebooting is so great because when my receptors are in good health, My girlfriend is just so much more amazing to me. The only thing I gotta look out for now is that since I'm not having orgasms, I almost always want sex now, and she definitely needs her breaks from it now. Today is only day two, but I'm still interested to see how things will develop. Already she's a bit more touchy and nice to me in public where she's usually sorta aloof.(Chinese cultural thing. No PDA EVER!)