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It's been an up and down four months no PMO, in that time a wet dream visits to the strip club every two to three weeks and looked at some utube vids and escort ads here and there. But this morning used the computer to print something and then decided to have a look on utube. Big mistake got mesmerized by a few vids, I've been looking at vids from my phone, not the same effect as a computer screen. It didn't take to much stimulation, I came with my hands of my penis lots of liquid cum, sprayed out pretty hard. What a relief I don't feel too bad about it. It kind of needed to happen I think. I'll start over now I think I've done pretty good and am probably ready to meet a girl now, I don't think I would b able to ask her to b my cuddle buddy no way can I ask such a thing. Some advice please is this a relapse is it bad b honest.
Also love going to the strip bar but havnt had full erections from lap dances like I used to a couple of years ago. Help with advice pls. Hope everyone else is doing ok


of course it's a relapse

Just get back on the horse. And I'd personally stay away from strip clubs if I'm trying to rewire to meet real women to date and build relationships with. Same reason I'd stay away from PMO. What are you trying to achieve? I'd go in that direction and anything that takes me away, I'd avoid.

Thx for the response

What I'm going for is quitting PMO which I've been pretty good at. I guess I have to drop the strip club thing. I going for full recovery my libido is what I'm worried about it's been up and down throughout the process. But I've had some very good nocturnal erections like when I was 15.

How can you Orgasm from

How can you Orgasm from manual stimulation and still insist that uve had 4 months of no PMO ... U have to use the right terms because that shit confused me for a min .... U mean uve been 4 months of no P and wateva so days of no MO ... Anyways just keep goin .... dont expect YEARS of PMOing multiple times a day to be cured in just a couple of months .... I had to learn that the hard way .... I just think we are to fixated on rebooting accounts of ppl on YBOP who needed just that short amount of time to reboot .... Honestly ive been on dis no P wit a lil instances here and there for about 190 days and i still am noticing improvements every day .... For one, i dont flatline anymore for two weeks after i MO anymore .... If anythin im back to normal the following day ... My moods have just stabled out .... I can masturbate orgasm 10x in a week and not feel mildly depressed anymore .... I just get really weak as if i have alot of weights on my shoulders .... I also am just naturally all around aggressive and have a superman like aura all around now ... Before anythin as one lil orgasm would send me straight to a more passivr like presence ... Dont even think about tranny porn at all anymore and i was glued to that shit hard for almost 2 yrs, evrn as well as gay porn/gay thoughts are pretty much a thing of the past now although i still just dont like gay people nor believe in their movement ..... But im not homophobic or anything like that since i can tolerate them .... Can also have strong erections wit females although i cant really keep them for more then a min nor can i have sex wit condoms, but which is a blessin in disguise bcuz last yr the most i could do was a 50% erection which couldnt have even been used for penetration .... Lots of improvements man and in another 6 months i hope for many more especially bein able to have successful sex W/ condoms cuz i can without it .... So just stick at it and eventually ur hard work will pay off ..... Wish you the best