Bonding Behaviors

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For those of us who aren't coupled, it's important to be aware that many of our touch needs can be met outside of sexual relationships.

Many bonding behaviors aren't sexual at all and can be shared with anyone willing to be that close. It doesn't have to be that either we have a partner or we're SOL.

I have developed a lot of friendships this year with people who are open to nurturing touch, so that I don't have to wait until someone comes along who wants to share my journey to enjoy lovingly connecting with others through touch.

Touch is vitally important to our emotional health, and also can help us feel less needy sexually, so that when we do form relationships, we have better reasons than filling aching voids in our hearts or aching yearnings in our loins. :)



Great reminder

You're so right. Our brains evolved in tribes, and touch, eye contact, shared laughter and rituals were daily events. Sex was merely icing on the cake.


Anything that helps us to relax and produce lots of oxytocin is good.

Have a good conversation.

Hug someone for 30 seconds.

Pet a nice cat or dog for a while.

Watch children playing. Better yet, play with them.

Create something.

Enjoy something that someone else created.

Take a walk in the woods.

Have a hot bath.

Snuggle up in front a of a fire with a good book and a mug of coffee or cocoa.

Watch clouds go by.

Listen to good music.


Cook a good meal.


Make Love.


Clean your house.

Call your mom just to say Hi.

I could go on and on. The world is full of opportunities for creating joy. There is no reason why anyone should feel like they have to wait for something specific to happen before they can feel joy. They just need to check what is available to them in this moment and choose something.

Then, while you are busy being joyful, a day comes where the right person shows up in your life and joy goes to a whole new level.

Thanks for this, celebriticat

Thanks for this, celebriticat.
This will help me. I think I put too much emphasis sometimes on ending my 4 year not getting laid streak and forget that I'm feeling a lot better about myself these days. I have friends now, and they like hugs. It's good to no longer be in that town I was stuck in....