Day 1

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Day 1
I have blocked just about everything on my computer except this site, my email and YBOP. I changed my user account to non-administrator so I can’t fiddle with the drivers or registry on my computer (my last work around for the internet blocker). I literally burnt the passwords. Only way around it is to completely re-install windows, which I know I won’t do. Drastic I know but I figure whatever it takes. I know I spend waaaaaay too much time on the computer in general, let alone the internet. Every browsing session seems to turn into a marathon of time wasting. I figure if the computer is boring as fuck and only filled with sites that support my reboot I’ll stay away from the computer as well as porn.

Another thing I will focus on during this reboot is fantasising, not just the porn fantasies but seriously I live inside of my head. I have a whole fucking world inside there. I will replace this fantasy world with an actual social life. That is another focus point for, me-socialising and making friends, at the moment I have almost no friends, I don’t even know if I have any friends- that’s how close we are.

Overall today was good, nothing major to report.


Well done

Whatever it takes to get your life back will be worth it. Quite apart from wanting your sexual prowess in working order, Internet addiction is real for lots of folks.