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Day 1 - Humble Pie

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So here I am back at Day 1. I managed to get to 26 days no PMO, but then something got hold of me and wouldn't let go. I think it was too much focus on counting the days, too much focus and worry about when I was going to see a change in libido. I also think that I needed that failure to have a point of comparison between me off the porn and back on it. I'm ready to eat humble pie and realise that I don't know everything just because I read a lot of posts.

Day 25 - Desperate First Post

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Ok, so its been 25 days.

I thought after week 1, this is going to be easier than I thought. I had already had a couple of solid nightly boners and the cravings weren't too bad.

Since then its gotten tougher. Two weeks of intense stress and depression, thank god thats over. Plus I have not had more than three nights sleep. My once proud appendage dangles limply, showing no signs of movement.