3 Day Break Update

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Decided to take a break for a few days and just love in the moment.A while ago I read that "sensitization is when an addict pursues his/her addiction or fix". I can say that this break has been a good decision but at the same time the urges to MB and watch P have been higher then normal I'm on the fence about masturbating. Because even though I have urges to do it I don't feel like its natural libido I feel like its connected to my porn use after escalating to gay porn this year back in my first reboot when I started to binge I saw this one particular _______scene _______________ and for some reason this scene has crept in my brain every time I think about masturbating. Because of all the pleasure he was recieveing kind of drives mg brain crazy for that high so I feel like if I MB that I'll just end of thinking of that scene and I don't want to do that obviously.There's also another scene that's always in my brain that just won't seem to leave my brain. _______________________So I'm glad to say that even though the temptation to relapse was extremely high I didn't and I didn't even masturbate or edge.Im also on the fence about MBing because I feel like I'm numb down there from all this pmo. I don't have ED or anything but I just want to hold off until later or after my reboot to try to MB and I want it to feel natural with noporn scenes running through my mind!I'm on Day 33 and I'm doing pretty good emotionally not fully there yet but I will be just ready for my brain to start to rewire.


If the time's not right

trust your instincts. Contrary to popular opinion, you will not explode from dreaded sperm build-up...although you may have a wet dream. Shok

There's often a turning point of sorts at about 2 months, so it may be worth braving it out.

Also, although I don't mind hearing about your fantasies...you'd be wise not to write about them. Not only do they reinforce whatever you're tryng to ignore...they can be triggers for other readers here. I've taken the liberty of editing your post a bit. Mail 1