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It has happened once again that as soon as things really start getting romantic, the guy I'm dating gets all annoyed with me for nonsensical reasons. I guess I used to have some vague idea that this pattern was about some kind of "intimacy issues." Now, I always suspect that they masturbated to intense orgasm while thinking about me and are plagued by brain worms. It seems to happen more and more the older I get, and I wonder if many older single people are single because they are so affected by passion cycles that it destroys all of their relationships. Sigh.



One advantage

to going slowly with daily bonding behaviors for a while is that trust builds, so partners can be more forthright with each other. Otherwise it's a bit like trying to fit a square peg into a round, you know what I'm trying to say...I hope. Blush

Well, I've often

wondered about that problem too with masturbation so rampant today. Bless their hearts. Not easy to put the brakes on, especially when you haven't a clue that your attempt to scratch your itch is causing problems. Bummer. Maybe they'll sober up and you can try again.


Although there is a certain trial by fire thing about it. Some of us manage to maintain a base level of decency toward our fellow humans no matter how bad the brain worms get. Just like some people don't hit other people no matter how drunk they are. So to some extent it seems like a good test of who a person is under stress, probably a good thing to know about a potential mate. I'm much more willing to give someone a second (or third or fourth) chance if they withdrew than if they lashed out...

Brain worms

There are simple and intelligent ways to deal with brain worms, starting with our own, which is where our power lies. Try It's conducive to relationships and when practiced by partners, supports and enhances karezza.