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The weirdest thing happened the other day. I've been incredibly easily orgasmic since I was 19 or 20 years old (lucky me!) and would sometimes think myself into an orgasm in a matter of seconds. The other day was the first time that's happened for me, though, with that feeling that comes after a half hour of motionless, eye gazing sex. The transcendence of yubyum, communion with the divine. I was in my kitchen, a brief sexual fantasy and I was in that state 100%. My head lolled a little, my eyes glazed over. Colors, the colors of things shift for me. Bliss. I snapped myself back more because I was startled by it than anything. It makes just as much sense as spontaneous orgasm. Both are feelings generated internally, really. It excited me because in the past it has always taken much more time and effort, and specific set and setting, to "achieve" that state. This just happened on its own, all at once, with no apparent trigger. Has anybody else experienced anything like this?



yoga and spontaneous bliss

Similar experience?

A few days ago, I was in my regular weekly yoga-for-stress-reduction class led by Elizabeth. This is a very slow-paced vinyasa flow, with a fair amount of time holding the various poses. After an hour, we were relaxed in the savasana (corpse pose) and Elizabeth came around to each one of the four students and gave us a short “neck release” followed by placing an eye pillow – all as usual. I think I was last. After she left me, I felt pressure like someone was gently pressing the pillow onto my eyes. (My eyes were closed, but I’m pretty sure no one was touching me.) My words are insufficient, but I will try to describe my feeling: I was immediately filled with a gentle wave of incredible pleasure. I would have to agree with what some have described as a “full-body” orgasm. But it wasn’t sexual. It wasn’t centered in my boy-parts, though they did not miss out on the pleasure. It affected every part of my body. And there was nothing in the yoga class that was remotely sexual. Nor was my flow of consciousness entertaining sexual thoughts. No self-touching involved. I stifled my reaction because I didn’t want to have to explain what was going on to the others – in retrospect, perhaps I should have just let it happen to its fullest and lived with the consequences – they seem like a pretty tolerant bunch. I can’t say how long it lasted – time was immaterial. It couldn’t have been more than a couple of minutes, but it seemed like much longer than that. After Elizabeth brought us out of the savasana and concluded the practice with the traditional “namaste", I was trembling and almost in tears, but regained my composure. After class, I confessed to Elizabeth that “I had an extraordinary spiritual experience that words can’t describe” and she was very pleased. But I didn’t reveal the nature of my pleasure.