[February 18th, 2012. Day 25] I need to step my game up (are my standards too high?)

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I'm writing this extremely hung over, drained, and slightly cranky.
After two days of almost non-stop parting, I think i'm done drinking for the rest of the year.
I did meet a lot of girls throughout these two days, and I did hook up with plenty of them, but I didn't take any of them home. The atmosphere of the tents was euphoric, with all of the dancing and the loud music, so you could pretty much go up to any girl and start making out with her. Somewhere into having my third drunk girl shoving her tongue down my throat, I realized how stupid it all was. First, The chicks were all really hot, but they were all trashed, so they thought they were being really cute and sexy, but it was all just kind of sloppy. Second, I WAS getting pretty horny by all of the feeling up and groping, but the second one of them tried to slur out "Leesh ghet out og here", I was immediately turned off. Something about drunk chicks, man, just doesn't quite cut it for me. Maybe that's why i'm still a virgin, too high of standards.

Anyways, a couple of my roommates tried to give me gave me some beef when we stumbled home the first night. They saw me with all of these girls, and they were saying how I didn't have enough game to bring one back. So they decided to "help me" the second night. "We're getting you laid tonight." But honestly, these guys aren't exactly experts in the art of seduction. They know how to pull a drunk chick off of a dance floor when they're equally drunk, and have sloppy sex afterwards, but not much more than that. When we got back to the parties the second night, my roommates were standing in a tight circle by the walls of the club pounding beers, while I was out on the floor spinning, dipping, and kissing pretty ladies. (I taught myself how to dance last year...thank god I took that initiative).

But, back to my recovery. I had my first wet dream of the process Thursday night. I had a dream that one of the drunk girls from the parties was giving me head in an alley way. Woke up after an intense orgasm. All of Friday I felt cranky and insecure... or that might have been the hangover after a night of drinking. I realized that I won't be losing my virginity with a girl that I meet at party or at a club. I need to make the initiative to start dating...to hang out with girls where there isn't any blaring music or the influence of alcohol. I'm not saying that my first time has to be special or magical, but I want there to be some sort of connection.

Today I feel no sexual energy. I must be getting into another flatline.

After being sick all week, I wasn't really able to hit the gym or run. I also have mountains of work for school piling up. I need to get my shit together for this week. Get back on a good sleeping schedule, get my ass out of bed early in the morning to pump iron, and focus on a positive and healthy life.

Stay strong, Stay Golden.


That's good to hear man!

I'm also a party animal. I feel the same in a way. Emotional bonding is irreplaceable. If you sleep with a chick, sure it's hot. But when you sleep with someone who you care about, it's amazing. Drunk chicks are still fun to makeout with/grope with from time to time though! Just not for anything special.

kudos to you!

Higher standards are the way to go! Demand more for yourself than just drunk chicks! Your peers may think otherwise but as getmeout said, "emotional bonding is irreplaceable".

There are more mature yet equally (if not more) beautiful women out there. Keep your eyes peeled! They are out there!

No dude your standards aren't

No dude your standards aren't too high IMO, drunk girls unless I'm reallllly horny are a total turnoff for me.

Nothing wrong with just saying hi to girls in your class Wink who knows what could happen. Everyone,even pretty girls, like to be talked to