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Life is like...(a box of chocolates) - I love that line - One of the greatest lines ever, given seemingly by somewhat of a below average intelligence man. It's so true because we as humans like to complicate things, and I believe we do this just so we have a "problem" to work on. Then we hem and haw about it, and wonder why we haven't "figured" it out. Life is simple. So, now I'm gonna complicate this simple life with an analogy.

I have just recently been studying the 'markets' much because I like to know exactly what is going on in the world, and since money moves the world, why not find out what medium money moves in?

I like to think of life in terms of stocks. Stock market movements are certainly not linear, and if they were then people would probably not be involved in them and this world would be called "Pleasantville." Very dull indeed.

Day 1 of my reboot felt like my stock was soaring, and I wanted to tell everybody how good I felt, that I was making changes in my life and all was well. That first week was cake and I was moving along like a new dot com in 1997. Of course, my stock was soaring, but I didn't have my foundation in place to continue my solid run of gains. We are basically the CEO, COO, CTO, and all the other OO's you can place in a company because we are just one person. In order for a company to continue making revenue day in and day out, month after month, year after year - they must have a solid foundation. They have to have attainable goals; the intangibles that make a company run smooth, even when the tough times hit.

After my relapse, at day 19 or 20 (somewhere around there) I just shrugged it off, and told myself to "put up and shut up!" "I am a man of follow - thru and execution." Because much like a company will have its ups and downs, we are no different. Life is not linear, and no day is just like the last before the one you are in now.

So, when I feel that little voice in my head start chattering those old programs that USED to run my life I tell them to "FUCK OFF!" And then I smile. And if you just so happen to do this in public, be sure to pull your phone out and smile and laugh, haha! :)