Anybody see the Seinfield episode on masturbation?

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When George Costanza goes without sex/masturbation for 30 days? And he starts to evolve into a productive member of society. He becomes a bit of a genius. I love that episode. His downfall was his intelligence. He calculated the chances of ever being able sleep with a Puerto Rican woman again and decides to indulge in his opportunity.

That episode reminds me a bit of myself. I begin to improve as a person the longer I progress. But eventually my confidence increases to the point where I assure myself that I can MO without relapsing, or take a peek at porn without falling back into the web of lies. Of course the moment I do either, I begin the cycle all over again, eventually falling back into the web of lies, a chaser effect and the end to my sanity.

Serenity NOW!!!!! :)


Are you the master of your

Are you the master of your domain? :)
Great episode, it may be fiction, but it kind of makes you wonder why they would choose being more productive and becoming more intelligent as byproducts of not masturbating. When you look through this site you can see all of the testimonials and science behind why, but they didn't have that back when that episode was filmed.