Day 14, again

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Day 14. Not much new to report. I have hit day 14 more times then I can count with 2 hands and I have noticed something. My libido seems to be rather non-existent from day 2~13. But right around week 2 I start to feel myself "come alive" if you will.

I haven't been able to lift weights for 3 weeks due to a exertion migraine. These migraines started to bother me nearly a month ago due to improper breathing when lifting heavy weights. The doctor recommended that I take at least 3 weeks off. In this time I have been running about 2 miles a day to keep myself in shape. I was rather worried that taking 3 weeks would result in the loss of some lean muscle but boy was I wrong. Today I benched 3 x 8's at 240 pounds which is the most I have ever been able to lift. I have been quite amazed at how strong I can get with all this extra energy pent up inside me.