Day 56.

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Day 56. Morning erections are frequent. Been having some erotic dreams but no nocturnal emissions. In fact, I don't think I EVER had a wet dream. Kind of sad when you think about it. Masturbation began at such a young age that my body never even had a chance to achieve a wet dream.

On a positive note, Spring semester is nearly over. Still managing to maintain a 4.0 GPA which I find to be quite impressive considering 15 months ago ,when I began my PMO-free journey, college was out of the question. I was too busy smoking Marijuana, looking at porn and masturbating more times then nature intended. Now I have accumulated approximately 22 of my 61 units required for my computer-science associates degree before transferring over to Sac State. Best part about college (aside from getting an education for my future) is the woman! At this point in my recovery I am just trying to have real conversations with woman while having no "sexual" motives. I find by doing so I am much less anxious, its like a 100 pound weight lifted off my shoulders.

After 15 months of battling my PMO addiction, trial and error, falling on and off the wagon, I honestly feel like I am having a breakthrough this time around. Never going back to porn!