Day 9

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Day 9... again, for the what feels like the 50th time. My latest streak was around day 70 before relapsing for 2 days so it was time to reset thee ol' timer again. Finals for spring semester coming up soon, however I do enroll for summer school in a week. My good friend will be leaving for Mexico on a studying abroad program for a few months which is going to kill my social life even more.

I also go in next month for a "laser resurfacing" procedure where they will literally burn off some old acne scars I have on my cheek with ablative lasers. I always considered myself to be a handsome, healthy man but these scars on my cheeks always bothered me to the point where it really hurt my confidence. I tend to get a lot of attention from the ladies in the sense that woman are always hitting on me and trying to spark up conversations with me but I never take advantage of those situations and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that those scars bothered me even if it doesn't bother them. So I must say I am so excited to finally have them removed... of course the Fraxel laser procedure will cost me an arm and a leg, about 2100 USD. But to get rid of these acne scars, I'd spend more if I had too. Hopefully next month I can finally flip the page and put these confidence issues with my scars behind me once and for all. I do worry with my friend out of town and 10 days off of work to recover from the laser procedure will be a recipe for a PMO relapse. I will not be allowed to do exercise, go out in the sun or really even be able to go in public for that matter.