I won't bypass K9 this time. Any other ideas?.... Quit Meth, Nicotine, Marijuana... no problem. Porn? Incredibly difficult.

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After my latest stint of 26 days PMO free I ended up relapsing. I made a password I would never remember and threw it away which prevented me from looking at porn until I realized I could just have a new password sent to me via email. So after a day of bingeing I have decided to prevent a similar situation from occurring in the future.

1. Made a new email address in which I will never remember. Along with a password to that email address that I will never remember.
2. Changed the K9 email to that of the soon forgetful unnamed address.
3. Created a password for K9 that I will never remember.
4. I wrote the new email address on a piece of paper WITHOUT the password
5. Drove out to my storage unit (about 15 miles from here), unscrewed the light fixture in the garage, and placed the paper with the email address inside the electrical box and then reattached the fixture.

Now this is by no means a fool-proof plan but it will take me a good hour to get the filters off my laptop with 30 miles of traveling round trip. Hopefully in that time frame I will be able to clear my mind and make a much wiser decision then I have made today. ** The only reason I did not throw away the paper was because K9 rarely will prevent me from looking at a site that is non-pornographic/nudity.

That being said, MAN do I feel so upset with myself for relapsing today. STUPID STUPID STUPID. After arriving home I decided to drink a few beers ( I rarely ever drink) to change my mindset. Need to get my mind off this silly relapse.

If you guys have any other ideas on how to make the K9 more successful let me know. I don't have a friend that I could give my password too so anything of that nature is out of the question for the time being.

I can't believe how addicting porn is. I have overcome incredibly addictive drugs such as Meth, Ecstacy, Marijuana and Nicotine. But Porn? Not a chance in hell. I find it funny that so many doctors and psychologists can say porn is not an "addiction" when its by far the most addictive drug I have ever dealt with.

Day 1 tomorrow! Looking forward to it.


Go easy on yourself

and stay cool so the chaser doesn't bite your ass. Wink

Incidentally...it's usually not a good idea to explain how you got around your porn blocker...because curious (addicted) minds want to know. I'll leave it though, as you were thoughtful enough to give us all the fix, too.

If you have time for all this frivolity, maybe you could try one of these activities: ♦Tools to Connect What about Toastmasters? I want to see you find your voice and confidence. You are an amazing guy.

*big hug*