Length of sleep after orgasm. Body/mind repairing itself?

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Over the last 100 days I have spent about 95 of those days orgasm-free. No matter how early I go to bed, how tired I may be, during those days I can only sleep 8 hours MAX. The 4-5 days that I did orgasm, I slept 10 hours easy. Some "expert" doctors and psychologists would say this is due to being more relaxed, which I find completely untrue. Immediately after orgasm, sure, I am more relaxed, but within the hour my tension/anxiety/stress is definitely on a up-swing (especially by the next morning).

My theory , with absolutely no scientific evidence to back this up, is the mind and body is trying to repair itself. It's almost as if the body needs for the extra sleep for a first time in awhile to build back some of that dopamine/seratonin and vitamins. I am probably way off basis but I just wanted to get your thoughts on it because I wonder if an extra hour sleep each night for a week or so post-orgasm would help one recover faster.


Interesting. I've noticed

Interesting. I've noticed similar things, though not a clear upper limit on sleep. One theory of mine is that solo orgasm evolved in part to be natural medicine. Maybe that works by inducing a different form of or longer sleep.

It seems some of this could be tested using sleep studies.

Yes! These days after giving

Yes! These days after giving up porn I sleep MAX 7 hours. Sometimes less. No matter when I go to bed. But, I feel it's restful sleep and I'm very alert during the day.
Years ago when I masturbated I could easily sleep 10-12 hours, it seemed to change radically when I gave up masturbation, (more than just normal "aging" which might play a small part, too)

By the way, could anyone

By the way, could anyone comment on my childhood insomnia issues which I have forgotten all about, but this thread reminded me.

When I was a kid (age 10-14) I had periods where I had problems sleeping, it would ALWAYS take me 90+ minutes to fall asleep, and some days I would only get 3-4 hours at night leaving me restless and confused and anxious in daytime.

Only when I started masturbating (age 15) I began to sleep better, and in my middle 20's I slept like a rock.
This may be unrelated to topic, just thought I'd put it out there.

Interesting that it takes 15

Interesting that it takes 15 days for a rat's testosterone to increase back to normal levels. It says at least 7 days for a male human but I feel like it takes even longer then that. I notice a steady increase weeks even months after.

The 7 day blip

doesn't necessarily mean the cycle is at an end. That blip may just signal something else to tune up...or restore itself. It's all very complex.

I've been talking to people about this for 20 years, and I've definitely had men tell me they noticed a two-week cycle. It's also possible that people differ a bit. Maybe if we could see everyone's cycle it would create fractal patterns. Smile

Heh it is kind of funny when

Heh it is kind of funny when you think about it... It is like a man's period. I mean, men who PMO too often begin having pretty aggressive mood swings, easily irritable and inability to tame our appetites/suppress cravings for stimulants (coffee, chocolate).

Ha ha!

Well, for some men that may be true, just as it may be true for some women. Hopefully, there's a bell curve - with most of us somewhere in the middle.

I may be insensitive to

I may be insensitive to noticing this cycle, but IME I sense some kind of a "boost" 4-5 days AFTER an orgasm (nocturnal), I get so much energy which drops abit a couple days after, and then it increases slowly agin until it levels out (maybe after 2 weeks?).

But there's something going on 4-5 days after...