Well that is one way to prevent a relapse....

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My latest post described how happy I was to be 9 days sober from PMO again. Few hours after making that post I some how ended up looking at some porn and relapsing, again, for the millionth time (probably not an exaggeration).

After my latest prolonged Porn free run of about 40-50 days, I ended up relapsing on and off for a month or so. No PMO for a week but by that 7th day my chaser effect would go running rampart, rinse and repeat. So 12 days ago, a Tuesday, after looking at porn , I did something I have never done before. Threw away my password for K-9 porn blocker. I haven't even attempted to look at porn since. I think there was a day where it crossed my mind momentarily, but then there was the... " Oh ya I can't look at it even if I wanted to know" moment. Technically I could look at porn through my smart phone if I really wanted to but that doesn't even sound remotely enjoyable.

So anyways, Day 12 today. It has been awhile since I went over 10 days. My anxiety has been going down, one of the reasons I have been trying to give up PMO. Stay tuned....