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Day 69. You spoke, I listened... never had a wetdream,ever....and social confidence

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Day 69! Can't believe I made it this far. Its been 2 weeks since I last logged onto this site so I'll give you a little update to what I have been up to. Still going to college at nights , I love it. Work during the day, I hate it. Many of you suggested I look into positive Affirmations and Meditation. I do believe changing those little negetive voices in my head have played a huge part in my lack of confidence. I read PH.D Jon Kabat-Zinn's book " Full Catastrophe Living" on mindfulness meditation and I have been trying to practice it daily.

Day 55 of no PMO Mid-life crisis? In need of an orgasm to lighten up my mood?

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Day 55! Don't be fooled by the exclamation mark in the opening sentence, I'm not as excited as it sounds. I often wonder recently if an orgasm (NO Porn of course) would lighten up my mood a little, put a smile on my face. I catch myself with a serious look on my face when I'm walking through a grociery store or at the mall... and I think how others might percieve my frown. All this testosterone is putting me into a serious mood?It sounds stupid but I really need to turn this frown upside down!!! I need something to be happy about. A woman perhaps?

Day 40ish or 41ish road rage and restraunt rage out of town

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Day 40 or 41 of no PMO. And exactly 8 months sober from Marijuana! My anxiety seems to be up and down. 1 Day I feel great, the next day I feel antsy in the same situation or setting. Which I guess is better then feeling Antsy and down everyday back when I was PMOing.

Day 35 . 1st day at college

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Day 35. Longest I have gone without PM -AND- O. Overall I feel better each and everyday. I'd say I am at about 50% to full recovery mentally. I find it easier to laugh, joke at work, socialize and just be myself. My confidence level is through the roof. I walk with pride, I make eye contact with anyone who crosses my path, and I speak loud... Maybe too loud. Physically I'm 100%. Super duper hard morning erections, even spontanious erections at times. Which is pretty awesome considering I had the worst ED ever about 8 months ago.(Quit smoking weed and cigs probably helped).

Day 30

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Day 30 of no PMO. I was watching some drama flick when for a brief moment it showed woman nude dancing in a strip club scene. I got this rush and my heart started pounding like it was ready to pop out my chest. I then shut off that movie and watched something else. I barely even looked at the woman and I got all these flashbacks. I get this "rush" way too much from every day situations. A curvy woman on a beer advertisement in the liquor store? A cute asian woman in a movie? A pretty woman in a commercial? Everytime... I get that feeling...

porn,weed,meth the ultimate dopamine rush and how it ruined 10 years of my life.

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Hello all, it has been a lonnnnnggggg time since I commented on this site (even though I log on everyday to read your posts)so I'll start from the begining. Im a 27 year old PMO addict who has been trying to recover for the last 8 months. Ive had a PMO addiction for well over 12 years. Drug addiction for 10. Online video games for another 6-7 years.
Age 1-13
-Normal Kid, Very social and happy with life.

Age 13-16
- Started to PMO alot. Mostly to fantasy and any tv show, magazine or newspaper that resembles any semi-hot woman.Social anxiety began.

Age 17-21