A new practice emerging

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In the past week or so I've had several experiences of becoming spontaneously hard in the middle of the night. I've found that if I lie on my belly, put my attention on my scrotum/testicles and steer my breathing toward being slow, controlled, and allowing my body to relax that I feel a very pleasurable sensation in my penis which I can only describe as "exquisite." It's not an overwhelming sensation and I sometimes lose the feeling if I become distracted with thoughts. The wonderful thing is that I can lie in bed, very very relaxed, attentive to that sensation, without generating heat that would send me anywhere near ejaculation. Because I'm not thrusting or having any fantasies - but just focusing on the sensation - I can lie in this state for a good while. I've not timed any of these "meditations" but they might be a half hour long. Sometimes the sensation will lessen and I've found that if I massage my scrotum and testicles or do a single very light thrust into the sheets that the sensation comes back.

This experience, which is so less intensive than porn ever was, is so much more lovely and nurturing. I'm so delighted to have discovered it and the pleasure and sense of well-being it brings me gives me a good strong resolve to not casually waste my sperm ever again.

This to me feels like solo karezza at its finest!



great going

I have this feeling by just sitting in a chair and focusing on the root of my penis. It's a great feeling. It is very helpful when you are with a partner because it has taught you to focus on your sensations. Keep at it. Don't be surprised if some days the feeling just isn't there. Chasing it isn't a good idea. Just letting it happen and unfold is a good idea. I think the less touch the better. It actually doesn't need any touch at all as you regain your natural sensitivity.