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The sex-starved marriage (TEDxCU talk)

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I think this is an excellent video. The speaker, Michele Weiner-Davis gives a very accurate (from my experience) description of sex-starved marriages, where one partner has a much higher sex drive than the other.

Michele is apparently also a best-selling author. I haven't read any of her books, yet, but it sounds like they might be good too.

Entertaining SciShow videos re sex

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The Sex Lives of Early Humans

Your Brain on Porn This is actually 4 parts: beginning: SpaceX, 2:20 Xenonucleic acids (which I found very interesting, but I'm a science geek) 4:14 Women's brains on porn 5:20 Does the brain have a "God spot"?

Taking responsibility for communication

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At Sender said:

He can't choose to treat you differently if you're not giving him enough information about what your needs and feelings are; when you want sex, when you don't; how you like to be touched, made love to, etc. So I invite you to own your side of his "respect problem". It's vitally important for you to speak up. That will take courage. Courage is not the absence of fear, but action in the face of it. Take a risk!

♥inspirational videos

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I found these all to be worth watching:

The Living at Cause series at
How To Create Deep Attraction
Sean Stephenson 3 Foot Giant

Here is a review of some of Sean's videos that I wrote two years ago: . He's been busy since then. He's put out lots of good, new stuff.

Update / E.D.

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Since my wife started sleeping with me again about three months ago, we have had sex four times. The first two times were karezza. The third time I lost control and had an orgasm. I just let it happen without trying to intensify the feelings, so the orgasm wasn't very intense. I didn't notice any hangover from it over the next two weeks, not even the usual (for me) post-O horniness at day 4. We had karezza again a couple weeks later.

There was an unexpected development... I have some ED.

"Sex at age ninety is like trying to shoot pool with a rope." ~George Burns

Remarkable turnaround in my marriage - bonding magic

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A miracle has recently occurred in my marriage. After clearly explaining in a number of ways so she finally Got It, that I wanted a divorce because of lack of physical affection and because of the horrible communication between us, my wife offered to sleep with me again on weekends, and actually ended up sleeping with me almost every night for the last 10 days. The first night I simply put a hand on her side, and tried stroking her back. She said my touch was uncomfortable. So I kept my hands to myself and slept on my side of the bed.

Orgasm hangover

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Sunday morning I had one of those rare dream orgasms with ejaculation (only happened about 7 times in my life). Probably caused by some combination of:
- tight underwear
- going to bed around 4 or 5AM
- a new woman friend coming into my life. We've been communicating by email, haven't met face to face yet. I've been feeling hope and excitement the likes of which I haven't felt for almost 30 years. More about that in other posts, perhaps, as things progress. Smile

Symptoms possibly related to orgasm "hangover":