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Feeling kinda discouraged

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Last weekend I needed to use Zoe's car, drop her off somewhere, and run another errand, so I got into the driver's seat. I had somewhat forgotten about the criticism I get from her whenever I drive. When I first put the car into motion, I was a bit heavy on the gas, and the car jerked. Zoe immediately complained. "Zoe!" I said with some exasperation (how nice to start the trip with her criticizing my driving!) "I'm not used to driving your car. It has a lot more power than mine does." "Don't rebel against my suggestions," she said.

Antagonistic amygdalas

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This morning I paid Zoe part of the money she had paid for household expenses while I was out of work last year and this year. She was pleasant and talked about various things (stream of consciousness style, as she often does) for about ten minutes - nothing emotionally charged - and left for a class she is taking. As she was going out the door I tried to give her a hug. It was kind of awkward. She had some stuff in her hands, and she just kept on walking.

A bit less grumpy this time

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As I was about to leave for work in the morning, I visited Zoe's bedroom. She was sitting on the floor, leaning against the bed. I sat down next to her. I saw that she was smiling, but had her face twisted up, trying not to smile. I put an arm around her, and she more or less repeated what she said a few weeks ago, about me owing her some money, and I should get to work. But this time she sounded a bit less grumpy. I held her for a pleasant 30 seconds, then wished her a nice day and left.

Another hug

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Yesterday morning, Zoe was quite pleasant - I could even say "as usual" because she has been pleasant most of the time, for several weeks. As I was about to leave for work, Zoe was in the kitchen looking through a drawer for something. I gave her a hug (from the side) and said "Have a nice day!" She kept looking down so her hair hid her face. I like to imagine she was hiding a smile.

And this morning, Zoe was cooking as I was about to leave. I put my hand on her back (carefully, so as not to cause accidents), and she offered me some of what she was cooking.

Thinking and Feeling

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This is in response to Hotspring's interesting question:
[quote=hotspring]I'm interested to learn how it is that you are able to still be attracted to Zoe and want to get back together again despite her overall grumpiness?[/quote]

Someone once said that man is not a rational animal, but rather a rationalizing animal.

Update - a new plateau

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On 10-10 Zoe bought some mattress pads (that make the bed softer and a lot warmer) and installed one on my bed - a significant event since she rarely does that sort of thing for me. It made me wonder if she was signaling that she wanted to get back together with me.