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Got a slap on the head

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Yesterday morning, Zoe (my wife) drove me to work. She had been amazingly pleasant that morning. So as I was about to get out of the car, I figured that would be a good time to try to give her a hug - after all, I couldn't very well jump her bones right there by the doorway to the company, so maybe I wouldn't trigger her anti-hug defenses. I leaned way over in the front seat of the car and gave her a hug as best I could. She just sat there and gave me a swat on the head, and told me to run along, she had other things to do.

Time for another overture?

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I received and accepted a job offer yesterday, which causes me to start thinking about trying to get together again with my wife, Zoe. One of the main problems she has had with me is my being out of work a lot of the time in the last seven years. I had a full time job from February through August this year, but lost it in a layoff. So I haven't been making any efforts to try to get back together since then, since I'm sure she would have rejected any overtures from me even "more instantly" than she did when I had a job.

Orgasm hangover worse after long dry spell? And treatment.

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There seem to be several hints that an orgasm hangover can be much worse after a long dry spell:
- Persephone's current experience.
- Mitsiky's recent experience.
- My observation about getting headaches the day after an orgasm following several weeks of orgasmic celibacy.
- Marnia has also mentioned feeling like she was "screaming inside" in the days following a dream orgasm.

Conversation with "P"

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(Edit 9/17: Just to provide some context, Hotspring's post at mentions a discussion with "P". I replied with a comment "Invitation to Hotspring's correspondent "P." The following Conversation was an outgrowth of that.)
[quote="P"]Hi Curious,

I just thought I should say thank you for trying to include me in the discussions here-- just in case you didn't know, hotspring's "P" was me! Wink

What's it like to go without orgasm?

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What is it like for a guy to go for weeks at a time without orgasm? Would you go crazy with cravings? Would you be unable to sleep?

A few years ago I read the web site of a man who chose, of his own free will, to go through life celibate. Not for religious reasons, but just because he "felt better" that way. At the time I had a hard time imagining how anyone could feel that way, and wondered if the guy had abnormal hormone levels.

Dear Zoe,

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I still love you.

I don’t tell you that very often, because usually when I try to talk with you, I feel rejected, and I go away feeling hurt or angry. I wish we could talk with each other without so much stress.

Do you still love me, or at least, care about me? Sometimes I think you do. Sometimes you buy nice clothes for me. A week ago you told me “Don’t commit suicide” (by working so late). Why would you do or say those things if you don’t want me to be part of your life?

Dear Zoe,

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Let's not fight.

It's not good for any of us. It doesn't solve any problems.

Feeling angry causes stress. And stress is bad for your health.

If you start to feel angry, please take a few deep breaths. If we are talking, ask me to wait a minute while you calm down. I will wait.

Another way to calm down is to take a walk.

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