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I love this community. It will always be dear to my heart. I may not read on here anymore but perhaps I will at some point. It's been a long time and a lot has changed on all levels. My entire life began to change the moment I found this web site. There are many people I remember from 5 and 6 years ago that are dear to me... and that phase of my life was a jump start from an extremely difficult time to now... where I am blessed and know it fully. I went from not relating to anyone to meeting my fiance right here on this site. I found my best friend and a ton of support.


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In a personal improvement course I am taking it says that "Sarcasm is society's acceptable form of emotional abuse." (Hu D. SM)

Believe me, there is a lot of hatred in me right now for that form of communication.

It's impersonal, indirect, meant to take people on a joy ride for their own (the one dishing it out) enjoyment at the others' expense.

People who communicate with innuendo's are not genuine and are IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) just plain mean.


Things That Make Me Smile

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*Giraffe Lips*, *Moose Lips too*, *Guinea Pigs when they yawn*, *little bugs on the screen door just sittin' there (without a care in the world)*, *ant hills*, *Japanese Crab Apple Tree BUDS*, *kitty cats waiting for birds*, *the color of dark brown russet potatoes and a beautiful deep-red tomato*, *red peppers*, *the bright moon at 7:00 am along with the sunrise*, *cool breezes/warm sunshine*, *the sound of rushing water*, *snowbirds*, *fat groundhogs*,


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Shame has a major grip on me right now.

What is this? Why? I hate to say it because people tend to tell others to stop saying this but...since I'm thinking it, I might as well say it. "Why me, God?" "Why?" "Why this?" I just don't understand.

The Feelings Chart/The Language of Feelings - John Gray

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The Feelings Chart - For Emotional Distinction

--Healing Feeling-------Holistic Benefits----------General Feeling----Emotional Block

1 Anger -----------------Boundary Defense-------Betrayal--------------Blame

2 Sadness--------------Endings--------------------Abandonment-------Depression

3 Afraid------------------Warning-------------------Uncertainty------------Anxiety

4 Sorrow----------------Grief------------------------Powerless-------------Indifference

I Love Karezza BECAUSE Karezza Loves Me

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I am accepting comments to this blog by private message only.

When I first got here to Reuniting I was looking for ways to balance Yin energy. The only reason I was looking to balance Yin Energy is because I had read that due to excessive masturbation, which I was doing, there are physical changes that result in the body.

EFT Founder, Gary Craig Retires

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Gary Craig has had a heart attack and is retiring as of January 15th, 2010. There will no longer be DVD'S offered, or anymore bi-weekly newsletters sent out. The web site was supposed to have stopped by now but it is still up and running. There is a notice to everyone who wants to know more click on the blog link on the emofree.com web site.

This is truly a historical event and personally a sad one for me.

There were others who took his benevolent endeavors and ran with the popularity contest and extorted EFT's name.

Bear Hugs

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I want to give everyone a "big bear hug."


And if you read this, it DOES mean YOU. No one is excluded, ok? (Even if we haven't talked yet, or I haven't met you yet.)

I feel very warm swelling feeling in my heart/chest area. I just had to tell y'all I love you.

If you don't have an actual bear... Chester is a Gund Bear. I recommend getting those kinds of bears because they are THE BEST.