Bodily Orgasm

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Hello everyone. I would love to hear your responses to my post. I have what seems to be a unique question, as I have not seen it posted on this site before, and I have searched for it from time to time.

My boyfriend and I have been practicing Karezza for the full length of our relationship (about 6 months now). We live about an hour and a half a part, so we see each other usually just on the weekends. He has erectile dysfunction, which is believed to be the result of his having diabetes. However, we very much experience the beauty of Karezza in so many other ways, just not the “slow intercourse” part.

I had already been familiar with Karezza before meeting him, so I introduced it to him. We happen to be dancers, and have a strong healing connection with one another through physical touch. Karezza feels like an extension of our dancing. My boyfriend really enjoys our slow, gentle lovemaking (yes, I refer to it as “lovemaking” even though we are not having intercourse); however, something tells me that if he did not have ED, then it would be a real challenge for him to avoid orgasm, along with all the ups and downs that go with it (he recalls all too well the exhaustion that came with convention sex in relationships from years past prior to getting ED).

He’s had ED for about 10 years now and until now had felt that his intimacy days were over. But with Karezza, he's starting to see things differently. My question has to do with orgasm that occurs within the body (rather than locally out the penis). On several occasions, I have placed my hand on his penis, as a way to simply comfort him, in a caring way – never to stimulate. All movements focus around sensation, instead of stimulation. Before too long, he experiences a bodily orgasm (by the time I touch his penis, we probably have been lovemaking for at least an hour or more). The sensation occurs in his spine and goes up to his head. He is so relaxed while it is happening. There is just a look of pure bliss on his face the whole time. He says it feels very healing (I can feel his body shaking for a moment – but then nothing after that for what seems like several minutes.)

I am familiar with different schools of thought when it comes to moving sexual energy up the spine and into the crown chakra. My boyfriend is completely unaware of this, so whatever is occurring is occurring spontaneously (i.e., he is not trying to make it happen). Several times, while dancing, he has also experienced a bodily orgasm in the heart area, which I can feel when it does happen. He says that “it” has no where to go, so that’s why it happens like that.

What are your thoughts? Does this create the dopamine effect that we are all trying to avoid? Because we see each other only on the weekends, we unfortunately tend to exhaust ourselves either by staying out too late dancing or from practicing karezza for too long into the night (we have a hard time keeping our hands off each other and our bodies untwined), so it's hard for me to determine whether any tiredness he experiences as a result of our being together is from our late nights or this other thing I'm talking about. My guess is that this is not increasing dopamine because it occurred last weekend and he seemed extremely relaxed and connected to me as we spent our day together.

I look forward to hearing your insights.



I can understand

why it's hard to figure out cause and effect when you see each other intermittently, but as long as you're not noticing disharmony building between you, I wouldn't worry. Maybe he's a natural at "transmuting sexual energy." Smile

I think it's normal to go a little too far into the "red zone" in a new relationship and in a relationship where you're not together all the time, so there could be a hint of that. But honestly, it sounds like you two are doing great.

Karezza on!