Pretty F'ing Stoked, Day 28 Approacheth

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Hmmm. I'll say this topic is News, Humor and Inspiration.

This post is happening right before another cold shower. BRRRRRRR I'm tired of paying for AC. Now what am I stoked about? Finishing grad school and making plans to move to BK, NY that's what. My life is wide open. I'm going to do what I love: Activism, Music and Writing, not necessarily in that order and crucially, I will find an audience for these things and make connections with my peers. Correction, I've been doing what I love for years but now that I don't have crazy deadlines I can be more focused about it.

That's what I'm getting right now, waaaay better focus here on day 27. (As long as I stay off Facebook.) I'm a procrastinator at heart, you see. I love to take it easy, it's summer after all. You know, sit back and chill. Have a wank or a glass of wine. Those things however are out of my life right now. I'm hitting the straight edge sweet spot. I even quit cookies man. COOKIES. That processed shit has to go, b.

So here's a story. Three weeks ago I told my landlord I was moving out by Aug 1. He was like "cool cool" and he said he would take my deposit and make it last months rent, hellava guy. I didn't start looking for a place until yesterday (I told you I was a slacker) but here's the rub - I have very little income. Yeah. Not that much money. On the poor side, really. I literally get food stamps without a hint of shame. So I went and hung out with some older political activist friends of mine and they come at me with all this stuff about how I need a plan and how just changing my address doesn't mean much and that I should save up some money before I make this change.

Today I had a talk with my roommate and we wanted to make it October 1 move out, which for me was too long but it works for my roommate. WELLL, I call the landlord back and he says he'll take me back but the catch is I need to commit for another 6 months! Fuck! I wanted Brooklyn so bad, I wanted it now. You know what happened though, getting that little taste yesterday, looking at places and getting the advice to stick around for a bit made me real contented somehow. What happened is that I figured my friends are right, I need a plan. I've read some self help books. They always say "Failing to plan is planning to fail" then there are others that are like "do what your gut tells you to do and leave the rest to the universe." Well I say that universe nonsense doesn't pay the bills and there's nobody greedier than a New York landlord in a hot summer when people are out of town and they can ask you for your W2's, pay stubs, credit score and the brand of underwear you buy. My pay stubs show that I could only buy a few packages of Fruit of the Loom at the Walmart's.

In conclusion, I'm happy to have more freedom to live my life as I see fit (as long as I'm not arrested for my politics) and I'm happy to have people in my life who in their own way are able to help me make better decisions that are for my long term good. What I really need to do is get a decent job in the city first and then move. Yes, I could have moved into a place and found a job there but why spend what little savings I have left that way when I can take advantage or my (relatively) cheap rent and actually make my savings grow some before bouncing out of Jersey.

Sometimes wanting something real bad is not a good enough reason to drop everything and go and get it. If I want it that bad, I'll have to take time and plan it out so I don't get stuck in some sticky situation without enough dough or with a room mate who can't pay. (I may dump him but that's another post.) Nothing stops me from breaking my commitment to the landlord once I have enough money but the guy did me a solid and besides I could use the money. Thanks for reading comrades...

File this under stuff that happens while not viewing porn or masturbating and pretty much setting myself up so that I meet the woman of my dreams and have amazing slow sex at regular intervals!