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Hello everyone,
This is my first post on this site and I am on day 3 of no orgasm. I plan on posting daily since I think it will help me stay dedicated to my decision to stop having orgasms for good. A few years ago I went for about 45 days without an orgasm while also eating a %100 raw diet. It forever changed my life and gave me extreme confidence. Enough to to quit my job and drive from NJ to CA to meet a woman who is now my fiance. Since I got to California my life has been so hectic that I fell off the wagon and have been struggling to get back ever since. Now that I have a steady job as a massage therapist and have fininshed school studying Structural and Neuromuscular Therapies I have decided to stop having orgasms for good and to go back to eating all raw foods, mostly fruit and vegetables. I plan on blogging each day for at least the first few months. I think this will help me stick with it.
Wish ME LUCK!!!