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i just began a three month accelerated course in computer languages a few days ago. I'm finding it so challenging. its brining up so much primitive emotion. it feels like I'm in a foreign land at times .

Trying to begin anew.

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I just got back from a two week mindfullness retreat in France not to long ago
It was wonderfull. Uncomfortable at times on an emotional level, but I'm so happy I went

I made an attempt to reach out to a therapist today. We spoke briefly, and she said she'll return my call later

I'm gonna try my best to seek support.

I think If I keep waiting and hoping and trying to work on myself nothing is really going to change in the relationship department.

Acountability partner

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Would anybody be willing to be an accountability partner, or is there anybody who is in need of an accountability partner.
When a craving for dopamine stimulation hits lately my motivation goes out the window and I just give in. In that moment, I want the chocolate, or orgasm or fantasy and good intentions go completely out the window.

I feel like its come to the point where I don't have a strong enough incentive for not engaging in pmo. It frustrates me that I don't have the resolve and I feel like sh@t when I give in.


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Lets just say that I'm in the middle of a full blown relapse between eating and pmo

I hate to keep showing up with bad news...but I feel like its more an attempts to be honest with myself and see myself more clearly