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Lets just say that I'm in the middle of a full blown relapse between eating and pmo

I hate to keep showing up with bad news...but I feel like its more an attempts to be honest with myself and see myself more clearly

It's been a good week overall, except that last night I was feeling extremely restless and down. So I wrote somebody a thank you card to shift my energy...then went to bookstore. When I got back I got my hands on a chocolate peanut butter granola bar. I fought with it for about half an hour and them gave in... And then 1 turned into 10... And it's been down slope from there on out


Random thoughts on eating

I don't know your situation but many times when people can't stop eating it's because they eat very low fat food. This sounds counter intuitive but the easiest way to eat less calories is to eat more fat, because fat brings satiety quickly. My roommate always tells me how she can't stop eating chobani yoghurt and I'm always like: doh, it has zero fat, how do you expect to feel satiety?

If you're trying to lose weight, I hear keto ( ) is a relatively easy diet which works. Low carb vegetables and plenty of animal products (think bacon and eggs). I don't follow it myself but I did in the past. Now I eat ice-cream and coca cola for lunch :). It doesn't make me fat though. The only thing that makes me fat is grains. If I eat a sandwich a day for a week I get fat. As simple as that.

Thank you for your suggestion

Thank you for your suggestion goosewort. At this moment I do find myself conflicted about the best diet for me

I aim to eat a mostly vegan diet and have been mostly vegan for the past 2 years. I have felt like its contributed to an increase In my overall well being. However, I do appreciate the point you make because I have a very fast metabolism and a big apitite and I notice that fat does tend to satisfy me - probably why I love avacados so much

I think that meat and dairy in moderation can be healthy for some people. however, since farm raised hormone free meat and dairy products, that have begun with humanely treated animals can be hard to come by, I just opt for vegan with an occasional plate of meat or fish here and there

It's very believable that you would get fat off of eating grains. Do you think grains in general, or gluten products? i try to aim for most of my carbs coming from fruits and grains like quinoa and basmati brown rice

My body doesn't understand

My body doesn't understand bread. It's like a foreign substance which automatically gets deposited around my waist. I can eat rice and potatoes with no ill effects. I'm sure some grains are ok, but I never spent the time to figure out which work for me.

My dad's girlfriend (sounds weird typing this) used to weigh 89 kilos. A few months ago I told her: stop eating pastries and sweets, eat as much fat and animal products as you crave for. She laughed thinking I'm making fun of her. But she tried anyway. She has lost 20 kilos (45 lbs) since the last time I spoke to her a couple months ago!

I was trying to gain weight and I was cooking with butter like crazy (half a stick at once - 400 calories). After one meal like that I was not hungry for 24 hours so I ended up eating less calories than planned and it was impossible to gain anything. Talk about counter intuitive.

So, whatever you do, vegan or not, up the fat. I'm thinking avocados and coconut oil as vegan sources of fat. If you want to "cheat" a little you can cook with butter or melt it on your veggies and also put liberal amounts of heavy cream in your coffee. The cravings should go away by themselves and the fat will NOT make you fat.

I second Goosewort

Especially for vegans. Grains have a different effect on metabolism than fat, and ironically they convert to stored fat more than real fat. If you want to watch a scientific talk about this, I can recommend one. But you can probably find lots of material about this on the site I recommended:

I'm back on a downward spiral

I'm back on a downward spiral with my eating habits.... I feel like I'm running on a hamster wheel...The same way I felt like when I was in college and feared that my compulsive Internet usage was beyond my control. I feel like sh#t

Where does a person go who is an addict, yet still functional? I don't know if I could call myself an addict in the way people use the word, but I do feel out of control at times?

Thanks for the inspirational

Thanks for the inspirational video. Funny because I actually succeeded at a 3 day fast last week and one of those days included just juicing. but my cravings came back full force afterwords. I broke my fast eating as much sugar I could get my hands on. with that said, I would like to attempt it again.