Day 18 - It's so bad, it's got to be good

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I've been nearly completely -flat- for the last few days. However, I am getting stronger mentally and physically, I joined a band, and schoolwork is getting easier to manage. This, being important for long-run dating success, makes living with a cave-dwelling penis for awhile seem OK. My mood is very stable, and I am better able to clearly express my thoughts (louder voice, more open posture), though I definitely notice myself behaving more aggressively.

I have taken anabolic steroids in the past (dumb idea) and the way I feel now is very similar to how the 'roids made me feel (with no toxicity!). I can eat a ton and send most of it to muscle. I can diet for a couple of days and get a lot leaner. I can lift heavier and longer, and recover faster as long as I'm getting enough protein. I can toy with the idea of dating a specific girl for a couple of days and if she's unavailable or w/e, the hunter's mind just moves on. You've got to love testosterone.

Anyway, I've got exams galore over the next 5 days, so I won't be able to post and comment on here much. But I do keep in my thoughts, the people here who care about porn's hijacking of the mind, and I appreciate you all very much.