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new article on Tantra but

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It seems like they are still missing the boat- I feel that Karezza offers the best example of equality versus one up/ one down philosophies of either the Man is the King or the Woman is the Goddess. How about we operate from a sense of knowing we are just amazing beings and as such connect as that.

I commented on the blog; hopefully they will approve my post.

lack of orgasms and effects of hormones

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I have a question for long term karezza guys.
I have been obstaining from orgasm for some time now and I was curious how obstaining would affect future ejaculation abilities.
I'm not interested in fertility practices anyway but do long term karezzites ever "test" to see if you can still ejaculate just to make sure everything is working?

Spiritual sex

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I was checking emails this morning and saw one from a psychic hotline blog that i still get. I signed up for this years ago and bearly ever read it (unless i'm checking my horoscope. lol) However, today's article caught my eye. It was about "the worst kinds of sex" Number 11 on this list was the most interesting because it correlated with the Karezza forum here.

here's the article:

When Too Far is Too Far

craving a partner

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Recently, i reverted back to mb while using the memories of an old gf. It's a double-edged sword because it makes me miss my intimacy with her but it also makes me feel lonely and insecure afterwards. Basically, for about a week after, i feel that i have cravings to be in a relationship so that i don't revert back to self pleasing myself. I have to admit that i'm also using my own self pleasuring as a drug because i am unhappy about my financial picture and what it means as far as dating etc.

♥what's the point of physical attraction?

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I am now wondering what is the point of physical attraction? in other words, if we pick someone we are attracted to its usually because of the desire for sex or our biology talking. I guess there are social aspects of attraction as well but i'm really starting to wonder because my last partner was extremely attractive to me but her only goal with me was to get me to be the instrument of her pleasure. At some point she got bored with me or something and now to make a long story short, we are not together.