lack of orgasms and effects of hormones

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I have a question for long term karezza guys.
I have been obstaining from orgasm for some time now and I was curious how obstaining would affect future ejaculation abilities.
I'm not interested in fertility practices anyway but do long term karezzites ever "test" to see if you can still ejaculate just to make sure everything is working?



I'm pretty long term

ejaculated maybe once this year, maybe twice. Maybe same last year. Everything works great. I have no doubt it works great. I don't intentionally test anything though.

I just saw "effects on hormones" that I hadn't noticed in the thread title. Don't think this has any effect. I think plenty of good strong erections and lots of intercourse are great for hormones, and I have those.

No problem

I can say for me after almost a year of no orgasm/ejaculation and then going back to orgasms, there was no problem. Having them was much more intense though. I have gone back to no orgasms/ejaculation again. For me it is better that way.

You might enjoy reading this old

pamphlet called "Male Continence." An entire community of men used this practice (for birth control) for years. Then, when they wanted more children in the community, they got busy ejaculating with no apparent issues.

Male Continence (entire text) by John Humphrey Noyes (1872)

This is a pamphlet that Noyes prepared after 25 years of experience among an entire community with the practice he called "male continence." He stumbled upon the practice himself, after vowing not to put his wife through another agonizing pregnancy. He includes practical tips. (PDF version and PDF of original text)

Article about the community: