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I went dancing tonight and almost had a slip up. One of the girls was letting me dance with her with full body contact and it was really nice to experience her opening up to me. We had our thighs against each other and I started to get a partial erection but then I felt myself getting ready to have an orgasm!

This stopped me from being able to fully enjoy the moment, as obviously I wanted to avoid any embarrassing scenes.

Anyway, this little tigress asked me if I'm dancing next week, so I'm assuming(or hoping) we can have our sensual moment of full body contact again. Any tips for staving off the PE while dancing with a hot girl?

Edit: I should add - 16 days no PMO



yes here is a tip

(pun intended, lol)

Focus on your root, relaxing your root. That is, focus your attention when you're dancing with her on the pelvic floor, relaxing the muscles between your testicles and anus, the ones you use for kegels. Just focus "feeling" attention there, not in your mind's eye but feeling only. THis takes some practice. You can practice sitting in a chair any time as a form of meditation, just meditate on feeling that and when your mind wanders gently bring it back.

This will greatly help prevent any untoward ejaculations and is great practice for sex. And actually when you do it, it feels MORE pleasurable to be with a woman because it unlocks the deep pleasure receptors by occupying your outer mind. The rest of your brain has an unimpeded signal from your body and can feel much more connection and pleasure.


next time I'll grab a drink with her. I'm still grappling with finding the balance between coming on too strong but also not being oblivious to social signals when someone is interested. Maybe social interaction is like dancing also. I'll take one step closer and see if she takes one step.

Thanks Emerson. I sometimes avoid massages as well because all of a sudden my body will decide it wants a release even if I'm not aroused. I'll try focusing my attention there in meditation first and see how it goes. Hopefully I can keep things in check next week.