Day 46

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I'm at my office right now. Waiting for the clock to tick past 12 so I can go to a couple of sites that I'm in charge of.

I've been feeling somewhat anxious the last couple of days. I've been in contact on the internet with a female that contacted me after a post on a relationship forum regarding being what we in swedish call a "dandelion child". A dandelion child is someone that have been raised in a none loving environment and in their adult life has to struggle with showing and dealing with emotions. Apparently I'm one of these persons... that sucks.. .

Although I'm thankful that she made me realize this (Trust me, it's been quite shocking realizing this), it's been a struggle. Hence I'm now battling two "conditions" instead of one. I've always enjoyed a good challenge, I won't back down now. BRING IT!

Still flatlining to 90%, same condition as my last my post. But I'm glad that my libido at least are present although it's weak. I'm sure that it's a sign that I'm making progress.

Been reading a lot of posts on the forum. I find comfort in reading other peoples stories, som guys (and girls) are having a lot tougher time then I. Keep it up guys, you rock!