Day 51

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Relapsed! Funny thing is that I'm not that ashamed or angry about it. I fucked up, no doubt about, it will probably delay my recovery. But It's ok, I will learn from this experience. I've moved on...

I won't reset my counting and start from 0. I feel that I don't have cravings at the moment and since resetting to 0 would in my mind be a punishment and that could trigger a binge if my mood goes too a bad place. I'm aware that my relapse will set me back in my recovery, but I't wont stop my recovery. Only my actions can stop my recovery and I'm in charge of my actions!

Lett's power through next week!


I also relapsed, but not

I also relapsed, but not fully PMO , just was in search for a hooker and i saw alot of pictures.Like you i did not had any remorse or feel bad about it. (i was at day 73 when this happen , now end of day 74) No chaser here, maybe you won't get any chaser either, keep your head up and continue your rebooting. I guess it's a good thing if we don't feel like crap after relapse, some guys get really bad moods and get anxious. Maybe the absence of PMO strengthened our brain or something.


chaser effect so far. It's morning the day after the relapse as I'm typing this. My mood are still pretty good, although I still would have preferred not to relapse.

Let's hope it stays this way even as I get home from work.

Thank you for the support!! Smile